Singing pendulum



The singing pendulum is one of the instruments developed by Francis Robillard, the founder of Cristal Musique. The pendulum note is composed of a solid quartz crystal rod supported by a glass crystal prism by a fluorocarbon wire. The percussion of the mallet on the rod generates harmonious high frequency sounds lasting more than a minute.

The singing pendulum can be played in the hands or placed on its base. The latter is made of selenite crystal and acrylic, allowing the instrument to be stored safely while keeping it ready to resonate according to your inspiration. This pendulum can also be used in radiastesia.

The pendulum is offered in a choice of 3 notes, C#6, Eb6 and F#6. The 3 notes form a harmonious whole when played together. The pendulum is currently offered in a choice of 8 notes: C#6, Eb6, F#6, C6, D6, E6, F6 and G6. Each note is also available in 432 tuning.

Price: $120 per pendulum


Each note can be purchased individually, otherwise we have also formed two trios forming a harmonious whole when each played together, namely:

- C#6, Eb6 and F#6 (video below)

- C6, E6 and G6

Price for 3 pendulums in trio: $315


*We offer an on-demand delivery service for all our instruments, including pendulums. Contact us!

In the video below, left to right trio C#, Eb and F#, all tuned in 440:


In the video below, left to right trio C, E and G, all tuned in 440: