Singing pyramid

365mm pyramid


The interest in these pyramids are multiple. First there is the shape. These pyramids are designed in the same proportions as the great pyramids of Egypt. This geometry is recognized for concentrating energy and for recharging the elements placed in its center.

However, where these pyramids become unique is when we sing them. The sounds emitted are very rich because each pyramid emits more than fifty frequencies (harmonics) at a time. These sounds emitted in three dimensions come into resonance with the being in a significant way.

These new instruments can be suspended, therefore activated without the need to manipulate them. This is very interesting when space is limited or simply to meditate directly under the pyramid, completely free of all movements.

For the therapists, placed above your treatment table, these instruments will have the effect of energizing your clientele as much as yourself, in addition to harmonizing and facilitating the opening of consciousness.

Here are the sizes in millimeters. The first number corresponds to the width of the bottom edges and the second number to the diameter of the crystal rod. The larger the pyramid (first number) the more the sounds are low while the larger the diameter (second number), the more the sounds will be sharp and powerful.

     7 "or 180 mm-10 mm = $ 170

     9 "or 230 mm-12 mm = $ 225

   12 "or 305 mm-14 mm = $ 300

14.5 "or 365 mm-14 mm = $ 335

  17.5 "or 444mm-14mm = $ 375

   22 "or 555 mm-16 mm = $ 425

   26 "or 665 mm-18 mm = $ 625

* Mallet included with each pyramid

Extra mallet = $ 10

* We offer delivery service on request for all our instruments, including the pyramids.Contact us!


Carry bag for pyramid

    9"/230mm = $ 120

  12"/305mm = $ 140


Here is an overview of the sound of the singing pyramids: