The team

Francis Robillard

Founder, designer and musician of Cristal Musique


Born in the Lower Laurentians, I have always been very curious and had several areas of interest. From the age of 15, I began to be interested in meditation and personal growth. Thank you to life for having placed on my path people of great wisdom and great kindness.

In addition to this field, I also quickly developed my skills in cabinetmaking and sculpture. These two passions quickly intertwined to give birth to what was the embryo of Cristal Musique, my first company name under which several discovered me, La Plume de l'Ange. The first generation of products was mainly made from materials such as wood, copper, quartz and selenite crystal.

It was also during this period that I completed my college studies in electronics, an environment in which I worked with passion for more than 5 years before starting my own business. It was a life experience rich in scientific knowledge which allowed me, among other things, to better understand sound waves for the manufacture of musical instruments.

Subsequently, the meeting with the quartz crystal instruments was a revelation for me. Without knowing it, life had just brought me the common denominator of all my passions, therapy by the sounds of quartz. This approach allows me to touch on the meditative therapeutic side through concerts (twice a week, see the Concerts tab) as well as the technical creative aspect through the manufacture and distribution of instruments such as xylophones, pyramids, pendulums and the bowls, all in singing quartz crystal. This is how Cristal Musique started.

 It is with pleasure that I keep myself busy sharing the benefits of working on oneself and the sounds of crystals!

Looking forward to sharing



Mylène Lacasse

Collaborator at Cristal Musique


Since my childhood, my artistic and manual temperament constantly stimulated me in creation: drawing, painting, jewelry, clothes, writing, etc. So I chose to study plastic arts and fashion design. Subsequently, I worked in the fashion industry in Montreal, among others as a costume designer for Cirque du Soleil.

In my creative process, I have always felt a connection to divine love. It is this same connection that has also punctuated my steps and my journey since I was very young. Hence the desire to return to live in nature in my native land, the Laurentians. It was there that I met Francis and then that I joined the Cristal Musique team in 2015. I recognized myself in its values and corporate mission. So I happily work with my hands to make musical instruments and I apply my acquired knowledge through, among other things, taking product photos and updating web content, while learning to surpass myself through the different challenges that may arise.

It is therefore with joy that I work today with my spouse Francis to share the therapeutic and harmonizing benefits of these wonderful instruments of personal growth that are the sounds of crystal.