Crystal xylophone

cristal xylophone


Here is the pentatonic scale in video.

Developed and designed by Francis Robillard, the founder of Cristal Musique, it was in May 2011 that the crystal xylophone was born. It has since been revised and perfected to finally reach the current version which is intended to be optimal and elegant.

It is composed of an acrylic base and quartz crystal notes. It comes with a polycarbonate (a very resistant material) support allowing it to be played safely vertically.

 The instrument is offered in 2 different range choices:

     - chromatic way, according to the following notes on the fifth octave: C5-D5-E5-F5-G5-A5-B5-C6 (see video at the bottom of this page)

     - or in pentatonic version i.e. : Bb4-C#5-Eb5-F#5-G#5-Bb5-C#6-Eb6 (like the video above)

Each note is tuned individually in order to play very precisely once mounted and strung on its frame. The xylophone is sold with one high quality percussion mallet, specially developed for the xylophone to achieve the best possible sound quality.


  The instrument can be played in 3 ways:

     - the instrument alone, flat on the floor or on a table

     - vertically, installed on its vertical support (like the photo above). The stable base allows you to play the instrument in complete comfort. This position also allows it to be arranged for playing with bowls and other instruments

     - in hands. Thanks to its light weight of 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) and the raised space between the notes and the frame, the xylophone can be played ergonomically in the hand while maintaining its powerful sound.

    Price: $ 1150

   Cost for an additional mallet (1 mallet already included with the instrument) = $30



For transporting the instrument you will have the choice between the cushioned cardboard box or the cushioned rigid aluminum transport case.

     Cardboard box =   + $100

The cushioned cardboard box has space under the xylophone to store its stand and mallet once disassembled.

  For more regular transport or to provide additional protection when traveling, we recommend taking the option of the rigid aluminum case, protective pads & space under the instrument to disassemble and store the stand quickly and safely.


    Hard aluminium carrying case :  +$275


You can hear the diatonic scale C5-D5-E5-F5-G5-A5-B5-C6 below.

The xylophone presented is the 2012 version, which has evolved since then, but the notes remain unchanged.

   *We offer delivery service on request for all our instruments, including the xylophone. Contact us!