Quartz sand

These quartz crystals promote purification, protection and inner connection.

Crushed into very fine sand, quartz crystal in this form allows an easy first contact with the crystals. You can use this sand with an intention of purification and protection. You can then sprinkle it in the corners of the chosen place (house, bedroom, land, window, plant, car, etc.). Also place it in a box to put your other crystals (instead of salt) and thus promote their energetic cleaning. Use it on your paintings, it will give a unique touch to your paintings. Use it with respect, the crystals are alive but in a state of consciousness different from ours. Their presence promotes our own connection to our divine dimensions, to our inner crystal.

Use your intuition to know the different uses that these crystals could accomplish.


Price = $ 3 per bag (about 100g)

Also available in larger quantities.