Tongue drum

Tongue drum photo couverture


Since it's arrival in store, this tongue drum has quickly become a favorite! Thanks to its dual tongue technology, it has a very good quality of sound. The instrument comes with its 2 mallets and a carrying backpack.

-  We have 2 scales available:  C scale,  C# scale

-  Several color choices, depending on the range: White, gold, dark blue, purple

  Price: $ 300


C# scale:  Here is the tongue drum that we hold in the C# scale. This scale was designed especially for Cristal Musique to pair well with crystal bowls and thus create very interesting sound harmonies.


C scale:  Here is the C scale we hold.


To discover!

The fingerpans (finger mallets): Through our meditative crystal concerts where handpans are played, we wanted to develop finger mallets in order to remove the sound of fingers clicking when in contact to the surface and thus take the playing in a more meditative way.  Mission accomplished!  Additionally, they also make the instrument easier to resonate than with fingers alone, which can be interesting. They are used for both tongue drums and handpans. They are designed and manufactured by Cristal Musique in Quebec at our workshop. Here's an overview:


   Price: $ 15 per unit

The fingerpans are designed to be easily adjustable and comfortable for all finger widths (yes, for children too, we tested!)


*We offer delivery service on request for all our instruments, including tongue drums and fingerpans. Contact us!