Crystal bowl



An important detail for the quality of crystal bowls is the quality of the quartz sand used. Most manufacturers are now using lower quality Chinese sand, resulting in a more opaque bowl with a less powerful and shorter lasting sound. You will find at Cristal Musique only first quality bowls made of very pure sand. We import our bowls and pyramids directly from our manufacturer, one of the oldest and most experienced in the field for over 30 years. This allows us to lower prices and be competitive, while not compromising on quality. You will pay a better total price than Internet merchants with the pleasure of hearing your bowls as well as excellent service!


Frosted crystal bowls


right above: bowl with LED light base (see tab)


-with each frosted bowl is provided a friction mallet and a rubber ring-

7 "= $ 160      16" = $ 330

8 "= $ 170      18" = $ 430

10 "= $ 190     20" = $ 525

11 "= $ 200     22" = $ 675

12 "= $ 215     24" = $ 850

14 "= $ 275

For 16 "and + frosted bowls, in C and C# note: + $ 25


Clear handeld crystal bowls 


Handeld bowl with acrylic base


- friction mallet included with each bowl -

6'' = 240$

6.3'' = 255$

6.5 "= 270$

6.7 "= 310$

7 "= 330$

7.5 "= 340$

8 "= 385$

 Note F and F #: + $ 10

For all types of crystal bowls; frosted and clear handeld, fair note(just): + $ 15


Acrylic base = $ 60

(see our clear handeld crystal bowl base)


Extra rubber ring = $ 2,50



Transport bags for bowls



Clear handeld crystal bowl bag = $ 100



Bag for 8 "frosted bowl = $ 75

            10 "bowl = $ 90

            12 "bowl = $ 105

            14 "bowl = $ 115


  Mallets: (see all mallets)

Friction mallets:

    Suede = $ 10 

    Silicone gel: Small = $ 12    Medium = $ 15

    Large mallet = $ 30

    Very large = $ 35

Percussion mallets:

   Small = $ 25

   Medium = $ 30

   Large = $ 35


* We offer delivery service on request for all our instruments, including our bowls and mallets.

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We were given the opportunity to transform the quartz crystal into musical instruments such as crystal vessels. Geometrically perfect, the elasticity of the quartz crystal emits a pure, vibrating and circular sound. These sounds penetrate the human body generating a harmonious and peaceful interior massage. They help release stress and emotions, calm the mind, harmonize our chakras and our subtle bodies. Always in harmony with the people who receive these vibrational sounds, the song of the vessels will find the right way to touch you and transmit to you what is adequate for your soul at the present moment. The sounds of vessels used in meditation help to reconnect with our inner peace.

Made of 99.9% pure silica, the crystal vessels are made exclusively of Brazilian rock powder, filtered and melted by graphite torches at more than 2000 degrees in centrifuged molds. The dough obtained freezes on the edges while cooling. Like glass, it is a non-flowing liquid. The crystal structure remains at the molecular level, hence its name "quartz crystal".

Quartz crystal is one of the most ''elastic'' geological materials, which allows it to stretch and contract, emitting very intense sound waves. The pure sound of quartz helps us to remember our own inner perfection.

The bowls are available for sale and can also be placed on a LED light base (see our bases here). Your vessels then become a magnificent lamp!

In addition, we have developed three size of handcrafted percussion mallets providing a powerful and flexible tone at the same time. These mallets allow a soft felted touch while bringing out the maximum vibration of the bowl.

All our bowls are identified with their main note, their frequency, as well as the note and frequency of the first harmonic. At Cristal Musique, be assured of receiving a personalized service in order to find with you the bowl or bowls that suit you best.

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