Lamps and selenite


Several choices of selenite & crystals lamps are available at our store.

  - In selenite *: several sizes, with single, double or triple points, at a price varying between $ 45 and $ 130

                        & with various shapes including spheres on base


  - And lamps from other varieties of crystals (the choice varies according to availability and current discoveries).

  - Compose your lamps from a LED light base (several formats available), and a crystal or a lamp having a flat base and which allows light to pass through. (ex: Towers and selenite objects; various crystals)

It is also a great option for highlighting crystals and certain geodes.


2 selenite night lights and a selenite iceberg on an LED light base


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Depending on availability, we have a variety of white or orange selenite crystals in store in the form of:

Iceberg, spirals, candlesticks, spheres, decorative suncatcher, stone in various forms and lamps. This surprising stone has the particularity to conduct light throughout its fibers, making it an excellent source of warm atmosphere in a room. Put your favorite selenite piece on one of our LED light base and you will have the pleasure of seeing it light up in different colors before your eyes.


What do we say about the Selenite stone (also called gypsum)?

Named after "Selene", the goddess of the moon; is also called the Stone of the Angels.

A stone with a transparent pearly finish; is part of the sulphate family.

Is in direct connection with the chakra of the soul or eighth chakra and the higher chakras, helps to connect well to the Cosmos and to take root in the earth, to connect to its guides or the Beings of light.

This stone has a soft, relaxing and calming effect, bringing peace inside. Very effective for the clouded mental state, the person who does not see clearly in himself, who is looking for himself. To gain self-confidence, strengthen thoughts, develop clairvoyance, intuition and telepathy.

Meditating or relaxing with this stone brings our awareness to a deep understanding of our personal truth.

Use at the level of healing, activates the upper chakras, replenishes the energy circulation of the 3 main energy channels (shushumna, Ida, Pingala), up to the spinal bulb and throughout the brain; balances sacred geometry. Works at the level of past lives, memories, patterns and DNA strands. Regenerates and oxygenates cells. Helps integrate light at the cell level. Harmonize the energy balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Alchemists and healers of the Middle Ages and long before, stored all their intellectual, alchemical and chemical knowledge, in selenite crystals, so that they were later discovered by people sensitive to their data.

This crystal is extremely sensitive to the energy that surrounds it, very beneficial and vibratory; it can therefore be used by those who wish to communicate by telepathy. This crystal also has the ability to record the events that occur in its presence.

This makes it a great stone to keep on your desk or in your immediate environment. Selenite vibrates at the level of the 8th chakra (chakra of the soul), and promotes abundance, prosperity and personal power.

The different colors of selenite:

Pure white, orange, blue, brown, green.

APPEARANCE: Translucent with fine or coarser veins, fishtail or petal. All sizes.

SOURCE: Morocco, United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France and Great Britain.

Translucent selenite has a very fine vibration. Confers clarity of mind, opens the crown chakras and the soul chakra, accesses angelic consciousness and higher direction. Pure selenite attaches to the body of light, helping it to anchor itself in the earth's vibration.

Calming stone, instills deep peace. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Telepathy is increased if all people hold a pure vibrating selenite crystal. The purest diaphanous white selenite has an etheric quality and is believed to reside in a place between light and matter. An ancient stone, it is nevertheless one of the most powerful crystals for the new earthly vibration.

Can be used to form a protective network around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that prevents outside interference - for indoor protection, place the crystals in the corners of the house. A large selenite crystal placed in the house ensures a serene atmosphere. Selenite wands detach entities from the aura and prevent any external influence on the mind.

Carrying the mark of everything that has happened in the world, selenite leads to past lives. Very useful to check the progress made and to access from the intermediate states the diagram of the present life. It highlights clearly the lessons and topics still under study, showing how to best transform them. Can be used to question the future or to learn with certainty what happened in the past.

On the psychological level, selenite helps judgment and intuition on the mental level, dissipates disorientation and allows to capture the more subtle image. Create a conscious understanding of what happened at the subconscious level. Disperses and stabilizes erratic emotions.


Aligns the spine and promotes flexibility. Preserves epileptic seizures, neutralizes mercury poisoning caused by dental amalgams and reverses the effects of "free radicals". Excellent crystal for breastfeeding and child care. Its most subtle effect is visible on the energy planes.


Hold or place in or around the house.


In addition to the generic characteristics, the following colors have specific properties.


Anchors the angelic energies and contributes to the healing of the earth.